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of words unspoken and stories untold

Chrys 은지
Chrys. Fifth year medical student. snowyfeather @ twitter, eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET. Part-time fanfic writer (though writing is my life). Music addict. Ex-online gamer, now Starcraft addict at times. Talkative when I'm comfortable being around you. Loyal. Brainy. Responsible. Witty.

Hyperactive fangirl. E.L.F. since June 2009. Jungsoo-holic, Cho Kyuhyun owns part of my heart, Kim Jongwoon makes me swoon, Lee Donghae kills me with his smile, Lee Hyukjae's sexy charisma while dancing pulls my attention, Zhou Mi's gorgeousness makes me stare, Lee Sungmin's talent is undeniable. Super Junior is almost literally my entire world.

Also a fan of EXO since March 2012. Crazy over Kris, Suho, Baekhyun, Lu Han, Sehun, and Lay. Does not have a permanent bias list because the EXO boys keep nudging each other off their places anyway.

Listens to other music genres, including Mandopop (JJ Lin, Nicholas Teo, Andrew Tan), J-Pop (Shimatani Hitomi, Koda Kumi, other random groups/singers), and classical music. Other K-Pop interests include B2ST, Black Pearl, f(x), December, CNBlue, FT Island, and more.